Prepare Requirements

Before you can run this code, you need to have a number of programs set up on your machine. In particular, you will need a bash shell (or similar), and development tooling for both go and node.


This is only tested under Linux and OSX. If you want to run under Windows, the only supported development environment is using WSL (Windows Subsytem for Linux) under Windows 10. Follow these directions to setup Ubuntu in WSL, then try the rest in your Ubuntu shell

Install Go

You will need to have the Go tooling installed, version 1.11.4+ (or 1.12). If you do not already have it, please download and follow the instructions from the official Go language homepage. Make sure to read down to Test Your Installation. (Note this is not included in Ubuntu apt tooling until 19.04)

We assume a standard setup in the Makefiles, especially to build tendermint nicely. With go mod much of the go configuration is unnecessary, but make sure to have the default “install” directory in your PATH, so you can run the binaries after compilation.

# this line should be in .bashrc or similar
export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/go/bin"
# this must report 1.11.4+
go version
# this will properly place the code in $HOME/go/src/
go get